We bring you a taste of the east with this delightful stir "FLY", yes gently prepared and not fried. It’s gluten-free but combines a lot of delicious ingredients that provide a boost to your health. Broccoli, spring onion, fresh chilis, fresh ginger, red onion, lime, chives and garlic are seasoned with coriander, salt and pepper to deliver a tangy yet refreshing taste. We also add cashew nuts and 100% organic rice noodles to create a nutritious vegan dish.

All Organic Ingredients: 100% rice noodles, broccoli, spring onion, fresh chillies, coconut oil, red onion, lime, coriander, garlic, CASHEW NUTS; garlic, chives, sea salt, black pepper;


Serving size: 450g - calories (coming soon), Total Fat (coming soon)g, Total Carbohydrate (coming soon)g, Dietary Fiber (coming soon)g, Sugars(coming soon)g, Protein (coming soon)g.


Consume within 3 days or Freeze ❄️


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