If you feel like a hearty dish to cheer you up, our roasted root vegetable salad will do the trick. Squash, sweet potato, parsnips and carrots make the base of the meal, and they’re combined with red onion, almonds and goji berries. We add kale to the dish to give you a powerful antioxidant and vitamin c boost, and maple syrup sweetens the dish. Fresh mint, ginger, coconut oil, lemon juice finish our tasty meal.


All Organic Ingredients: butternut squash, sweet potato, parsnip, carrots, kale, red onion, fresh coriander, fresh mint, ALMONDS (NUTS), goji berry, maple syrup, ginger, coconut oil, lemon juice, salt;

Serving size:400g;  Calories: 446.88 kcal, Protein: 13.79g, Total Fat: 18.78g, Total Carbohydrate 60.95g, Dietary Fiber: 15g, Sugars: 34.87g, .


Consume within 3 days or Freeze ❄️


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