Our roasted butternut squash cream soup is full of healthy ingredients, and it packs a real punch. You’ll enjoy all the benefits of butternut squash, including its abundance of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and large amounts of magnesium. Sweet potato, leeks, carrots, onion, coconut oil and creamed coconut add a heart feel to the dish and it’s seasoned with garlic, ground cumin and ground coriander with salt, pepper and bay leaf to finish.

All Organic Ingredients: butternut squash, sweet potato, leeks, carrots, garlic, onion, ground cumin, ground coriander,  bay leaf, coconut oil, creamed coconut, sea salt, black pepper, vegetable stock ( CELERY, carrots, parsnips, sea salt);


Serving size: 400ml;   Calories (coming soon), Total Fat (coming soon)g, Total Carbohydrate (coming soon)g, Dietary Fiber (coming soon)g, Sugars(coming soon)g, Protein (coming soon)g.


Consume within 4 days or Freeze ❄️ 


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