At SKIM, we do our best to create meals that offer a wholistic diet approach. The Abundance salad is no exception, as it combines a range of healthy ingredients to meet your daily intake requirements. Organic Radicchio, walnuts, apple, pea shoots, and chicory make the base of this dish, and the flavors in combination taste wonderful.
Mustard provides a zingy taste, and the salad is seasoned with salt and extra virgin olive oil. If you’re looking for a meal packed with vitamins and nutrients, then our abundance salad will certainly deliver. 

All Organic Ingredients: apples, pea shoots or rocket, chicory, radicchio, WALNUTS (NUTS), extra virgin olive oil, fresh lemon juice, MUSTARD, sea salt, black pepper;  


Serving size: 340g  Calories (coming soon), Total Fat (coming soon)g, Total Carbohydrate (coming soon)g, Dietary Fiber (coming soon)g, Sugars(coming soon)g, Protein (coming soon)g.


Consume within 2 days


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