We know what it feels like to completely exhausted from daily life, not having the time or energy to eat healthy.

Managing your career, social life, and family, nutrition often takes a back seat. We understand that preparing meals and trying to stick to a healthy diet feels never-ending. We help people just like you overcome wasting time cooking healthy so you can experience eating well and saving time.  

Skim Meal Plans Coming Soon


Simple! You will be able to choose a week to start your meal plan and select your calorie need. 

We will deliver your order into twice-weekly, contactless deliveries (DPD) in order to keep the meals as fresh as possible. The first delivery on Sunday including your Mon, Tue and Wed meals. And a second delivery on Wednesday including your Tues and Fri meals. FREE UK-wide delivery.

Our weekly menus will be created based on the availability of fresh organic ingredients and their seasonality. You will be able to select between our delicious set meal plans that cater for various dietary needs and goals, and choose additional options from the "choose your own" menu. 

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Meals packed with organic nourishment

With Skim you receive healthy meals delivered to your door UK-wide. Place your order now and take advantage of the best organic meal delivery service.