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Robert is Skim’s founder whose experience, as a private chef in London  and as a buyer at Whole Foods, provides a unique insight into both organic ingredients and cheffing. This, alongside his extensive nutritional research, makes him an expert in food: from farm to plate. 

His personal health journey inspired him to launch Skim to help others navigate the often over-complicated world of nutrition:

“A natural, nutrient-dense and organic diet is the starting point to taking control of your well-being. I discovered this first-hand when, like many others, I was frustrated with my health and just didn't know where to start. Overweight, lethargic and unfit, I decided to make a change and put myself first. I began by becoming more active, experimenting with various diets and, after extensive research, I cut out sugar, processed food, gluten and dairy, eating only organic ingredients. This led me to lose 15kg, feel re-energised and physically stronger than ever. Through continued study, I have since deepened my understanding of the true meaning of a ‘healthy organic diet’ and it's power to heal. Through Skim, I am now able to share what I have discovered with others, taking the guess-work out of nutrition to ensure they are supported every step of the way.”  - Robert Tarczy

Meals packed with organic nourishment

With Skim you receive healthy meals delivered to your door UK-wide. Place your order now and take advantage of the best organic meal delivery service.